Precipak Announces SEALPAC Representation in U.S.

March 1, 2021

Innovative Traysealers Extends Line of Solutions for Food Processing Industry

(Mundelein, IL. March 1, 2021)—PreciPak USA, a leading distributor of best-in-class equipment for the food processing industry, will now offer packaging equipment after signing a new, exclusive U.S. distribution agreement with SEALPAC. SEALPAC represents the top brand in the food industry for the manufacture of innovative traysealers. PreciPak’s decision to partner with SEALPAC extends new possibilities to its customers for safe, efficient and innovative packaging options. These concepts supply a perfect fit for sustainability efforts while displaying food products to their best advantage, by reducing the amount and weight of materials necessary to provide a secure seal.

Industry applications for SEALPAC innovative packaging solutions are widespread, with options perfectly suited to baked goods, confections, cheese and dairy products, convenience foods and snacks, fruits and vegetables, pet food, lamb, pork, poultry, processed meats, seafood and vegetarian offerings.

SEALPAC Traysealers offer food processors enhanced food safety and improved shelf life in an aesthetically appealing packaging display with ample surface area for proper labeling and code dating.

“Our customers are interested in optimizing product profitability and increasing sustainability through innovative packaging solutions. We’re excited to offer SEALPAC Traysealers, a perfect alignment with our processing equipment, to help deliver full service to our customers for both processing and packaging needs. Their innovative packaging solutions can help open new market possibilities for our customers without compromising food safety or shelf life and while promoting sustainability. Airtight seals can help widen profit margins by reducing waste and product returns. SEALPAC’s product line and reputation are second to none and we are proud to partner with them,” said Gil Williams, President of PreciPak and Poly-Clip System, LLC.

PreciPak will carry the complete line of SEALPAC Traysealers, which includes A4, A5, A6, A7, A8 and A10. Available packaging solutions will include SEALPAC EasyLid, EasyPeelPoint, eTray®, FlatSkin®, InsideCut, TenderPac and TraySkin®.

The EasyPeelPoint system for example, is designed to help consumers open sealed trays without effort. Incorporating the packs into a production line is effortless too, utilizing a design that makes it irrelevant which way trays are placed on the in-feed conveyor. No logistical adjustments or special cutting systems are required, for a pain-free conversion.

Overall, the trays and seals and packaging PreciPak will offer from SEALPAC supplies food processors with:

  • Sustainable options
  • Improved food safety
  • Highly attractive food displays
  • Extended shelf life
  • Efficient stacking during transport and at POS
  • Trouble-free labeling

For more specific information about SEALPAC Traysealers and its advantages, give us a call at (847) 949-2800.