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Marination, Injection, Tumbling/Massaging

Looking for that sweet spot where flavor and functionality meet? Our staff doesn’t  come armed with a portfolio of cookie cutter answers. First, we listen to you. Then we can help review your current processes, recipes and finished products if needed for a thorough evaluation. Based on this evaluation, we develop a tailored recommendation of the ideal equipment for your products, applications and desired outcomes. Finally we test these recommendations to prove out theories and maximize yields based on the current facility design. 

Stuffing and Clipping

Our equipment provides the highest level of production and portioning accuracy to supply an end product that meets your highest quality standards. But we don’t stop there. For operations large or small, we can help evaluate your current processes, procedures and equipment to improve and grow your business. We can evaluate available space and recommend innovative solutions and equipment that fits smoothly into current operations, meets your needs and hits your targets for output and income. 


Improve output and decrease downtime with best-in-class packaging equipment. We are proud to represent SEALPAC, the top brand in the food industry for innovative traysealers. We can help recommend the right packaging system that fits seamlessly into your current packaging line, offering outstanding performance, reliability and efficiency. SEALPAC Innovative and flexible packaging options add aesthetic appeal, displaying products to their best advantage for greater success at POS. Ask how our packaging recommendations can offer you a competitive advantage.


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