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Source Technology


Source Technology

Product Highlights

  • 100-1500 kg/hour (200 – 3000 pounds/hour)capacity 
  • Low steam with low pressure creates high quality textured products
  • Transform low cost simple formulas into high quality value added product lines
  • Great fit for both the plant based and meat industries

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Product Overview

The PowerHeater technology is based on the principles of extrusion technology. The PowerHeater process is based on transferring mechanical and thermal energy into a meat emulsion in order to coagulate the protein and any potential sources of carbohydrate. This technology transforms simple formulations into a highly textured meat like product.


  • Product Temperature: Inline temperature monitoring for consistent product and documentation for food safety programs
  • Product Bypass: Automatic bypass valve that opens when product doesn’t meet minimum temperature requirements
  • Pressure Control: Automatic pressure control system regulates product pressure and temperature along with pump pressure to ensure optimal process stability
  • Flush System: The PowerHeater is automatically flushed with water. Valves will automatically adjust to generate a high-pressure water flow in order to flush the machine as part of its general cleaning and sanitation.
  • Fully Automated Process Control: All parameters are governed by the HMI. An automatic start-up and shut-down sequence allow for minimum of operator interference.
  • Heating: The PowerHeater is heated using indirect steam and is controlled through an automated process.


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