SEALPAC A5max Traysealer

Up To 70 Packs Per Minute

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Product Highlights

  • Servo controlled film transport
  • Numerous in-feed systems for all types of trays
  • Pneumatic tooling quick exchange system; no hand tools necessary

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Product Overview

SEALPAC A5max Traysealer brings a professional approach through its compact design and complete performance that can be crucial in industrial processing even at entry-level. This fully automated unit combines all the benefits of larger models in a space-saving format.

This machine allows for both left and right hand operation with the tooling exchange system from both sides. The flexible tray heights, in-house manufactured low-maintenance gas valve, servo controlled and tailor-made tray transportation systems of the SEALPAC A5max Traysealer make it a flexible solution for cold or hot fill individual applications, MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) or TraySkin® packaging.


  • RFID system recognizing tools and grippers
  • Futureproof design for growth, integration, and future packaging changes
  • User Friendly interface with various security levels to maximize throughput & uptime
  • Machine can be operated on either side
  • Integrated channels and connections of the tooling
  • Intuitive operator touch screen panel up to 100 programs
  • Servo controlled film transport
  • Seamless integration into current product lines
  • Individual sealing packages for highest sealing integrity
  • Secure tray guidance in all sequential stages
  • External communication interface
  • Wash-down stainless steel frames
  • Self-draining hygienic construction



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