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Precipak USA/Canada, a member of the Poly-clip System family, is proud to represent Günther Maschinenbau and Source Technology in the US and Canadian markets, and Sealpac in the US market.

Günther Maschinenbau specializes in manufacturing equipment for the food industry, establishing a leading position designing and fabricating equipment for marinated and cured foods. Equipment includes full lines of injectors, tumblers, brine preparation and similar technologies for processing meat, poultry, seafood and other specialty applications. The company has built its reputation on upholding the highest standards of German electro mechanical engineering for quality and innovation.

Sealpac, under the SEALPAC Brand, designs, develops and manufactures innovative traysealers and various packaging solutions for a variety of food categories. Innovation and continuous improvement have been the primary goal of the company since inception, which has contributed to becoming a packaging leader in a very demanding food industry.

Source Technology is a global leader in the processing of food service and pet food products. The state-of-the-art PowerHeater™ Technology and the patented Flexicut™ system combine to create innovative Beef, Poultry, Pork, Plant-based and Pet Food products. Processors can utilize the equipment to upgrade meat trim and create higher value crumbles, strips, cubes and irregular products, or enter the vegetarian market creating analogues with the shape, texture, appearance and bite of natural meat products.


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