SEALPAC A7max Traysealer

Up To 100 Packs Per Minute

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Product Highlights

  • Servo controlled film transport
  • Numerous in-feed systems for all types of trays
  • Pneumatic tooling quick exchange system; no hand tools necessary

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Product Overview

Complex production processes in a demanding world make flexibility a key to success. The SEALPAC A7max Traysealer satisfies all needs. The A7max is capable of speeds up to 100 packages per minute depending on the application with MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging). It is an excellent winner  for fresh products with varying production runs.

The SEALPAC A7max Traysealer stands for innovation and flexibility. It was built to boost productivity. It comes with a servo controlled film transport, and is available in both single and double lane construction. Achieve optimal film usage by using our InsideCut sealing. The A7max can easily be integrated in existing production lines.


  • RFID system recognizing tools and grippers
  • Futureproof design for growth, integration, and future packaging changes
  • User Friendly interface with various security levels to maximize throughput & uptime
  • Machine can be operated on either side
  • Integrated channels and connections of the tooling
  • Intuitive operator touch screen panel up to 100 programs
  • Servo controlled film transport
  • Seamless integration into current product lines
  • Individual sealing packages for highest sealing integrity
  • Secure tray guidance in all sequential stages
  • External communication interface
  • Wash-down stainless steel frames
  • Self-draining hygienic construction



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