Gunther Brine Preparation and Mixing Tanks Using Ingredient Suction Flow

GMA 400-4,000



Product Highlights

  • Suction flow mixing principle for rapid and uniform mixing of powders and liquids. 
  • Powerful stainless-steel centrifugal pump mixes and delivers brine automatically 
  • Integrated cleaning shower nozzle for optimal hygiene (select models)

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Product Overview

Compact suction mixing system for the preparation of brine. Compact format occupies a small footprint. Günther suction flow mixing systems aid with preparation of pickle brine and spice brine.


GMA Info Sheet


  • Completely made of stainless steel 
  • Delivered as ready for connection to all Günther filter systems and brine injectors 
  • Suction stream principle for trouble-free and rapid mixing of solids and liquids in water 
  • Brine delivery via high-performance stainless steel centrifugal pump to the consumer location 
  • Model GMA 750 and larger versions include an integrated cleaning head in the main tank 
  • Fill level indicator 
  • Including turbo paddle mixer for processing flake ice 
  • (available starting from machine model GMA 750 upwards!) 

Additional equipment

  • Cooling jacket with insulation
  • Automatic water through-flow metering system for filling (for optimum batch uniformity)
  • External brine cooling device
  • Equipment with weighing cells including. MC2R control and recipe management
  • Brine pipework for connecting the brine mixer with the filter unit
  • Special GM version for direct nitrogen feed available on request and according to customer specification
  • Pneumatic valve control system for automatic filling of the filter unit of the injector (via fill-level monitoring) as well as the
  • Possible option with external emptying to the storage container
  • Basic version: 2 valves (1x mixing valve, 1x supply valve)
  • One additional valve per outlet with numerous consumers (only in conjunction with pneumatic valve control)
  • Stainless steel rotary piston pump
  • Complete brine preparation systems (numerous tanks)


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