Gunther Ultra Sonic Needle Cleaner

GNR 480/600/750
Gunther Ultra Sonic Needle Cleaner



Product Highlights

  • Cleaning basin with mounting point for needle bridge
  • Automatic filling and emptying of the entire water circulation


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Product Overview

This ultrasonic system is designed for professional cleaning of the complete needle bridge and needles with an ultrasound rinse process. The GNR series is optional equipment for all pickle injectors from PI 54 upwards. 


  • Stainless steel construction including its high-pressure pump
  • Pre-filter with pressure monitoring
  • Metering pump for cleaning agents 
  • MC 2 R touch screen included for process control of cleaning programs
  • Memory capacity holds up to 100 program slots
  • Hand-held rinsing pistol
  • Optional, additional equipment available
    • Ultrasonic system for needle cleaning station, cleaning the injection needles via ultrasound with subsequent water rinse and pressure rinse


Service & Maintenance