Gunther Pickling & Spice Brine Preparation Tanks

GLT 400-4,000



Product Highlights

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Centrifugal pump for consistent brine delivery
  • Fill level indicator

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Product Overview

The pickling and spice brine tanks are available in a range of sizes to hold from 400 to 400 liters of liquid brine or spice brine. The centrifugal pump offers even, measured delivery of brine. Stainless steel construction and streamlined design makes the tanks easy to clean and maintain, for efficient, hygienic operations.


  • Completely made of stainless steel 
  • Internal circulation mixing system 
  • Delivered as ready for connection to all Günther filter systems and brine injectors 
  • Brine delivery via high-performance stainless steel centrifugal pump to external 
  • Emptying 
  • Fill level indicator 

Additional equipment: 

  • Cooling jacket with insulation
  • External brine cooling device
  • Equipped with weighing cells
  • Pneumatic valve control system for automatic filling of the filter unit of the injector (via fill-level monitoring) as well as the
  • Possible option with external emptying to the storage container
  • Basic version: 2 valves (1x mixing valve, 1x supply valve)
  • One additional valve per outlet with numerous consumers (only in conjunction with pneumatic valve control)
  • Stainless steel rotary piston pump
  • Agitator stirrer
  • For complete brine preparation systems (numerous tanks), price for the valve block on request


Service & Maintenance