Gunther Fully-Automatic Reversible Servo Injectors

PI 54/75/105 MC2R



Product Highlights

  • Easy operation and ergonomic industrial design
  • Direct drive via servo technology
  • Precision needle heads with quick change (release) needle-bridge-system
  • Complete separation of pump cycle from all electromechanic components
  • Product related pump selection
  • Pre-filter system electronically supervised
  • Automatic rotary filter units
  • Process parameters infinitely variable
  • Special conveyor from polyethylene, easy to remove for sanitation

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Product Overview

The fully reversible automatic servo injector from Günther offers operators the highest injection precision. The servo injector is supported by a position-controlled brine valve, enabling processors to inject brine into meat, fish, poultry, pork or cheese products with greater uniformity and improved product yield. This ergonomically designed and user-friendly injector features precision needle heads designed with a quick-change release needle-bridge-system to swiftly and easily run new applications. The pump cycle is completely separate from the injector’s electromechanical components for a longer lasting machine and easy maintenance. Its automatic sanitation program ensures efficient, hygienic operations. Touch screen operator panel makes it easy to operate and switch between product cycles for more efficient, improved output and streamlined operations.


PI 54 Info Sheet


All process data and functions are handled via touch screen operator panel.

  • MC2R-control with touch-screen 
    • 100 memory spaces for recipe storage
    • Infinitely variable stroke height selection
    • Number of strokes up to 50 st/min
    • Automatic stand-by mode for needle head and brine circulation
    • Highest injection precision supported by position controlled brine valve
    • Injection pattern variable via automatic belt positioning
  • Automatic sanitation program
  • USB/Ethernet and CAN-Bus standard
  • Optional dynamic stroke mode
  • Individual pneumatic tension control



Service & Maintenance