Gunther Flexible Tilting Vacuum Tumblers/Massagers

GPM 150-550



Product Highlights

  • Offers flexibility to select tilt, rotation direction and operational intervals
  • Performs wide variety of functions
  • Easy to clean

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Product Overview

The Günther Vacuum Cooling Tumbler Model GPM series 150-550K range offers processors mixing and tumbling operations to mix, blend, massage and tumble meat, poultry, seafood and cheese applications. The compact design occupies a small plant footprint yet provides a high loading capacity. Operators can select working periods with rotary and pause intervals, the tilt interval and direction of rotation. Easy to clean with the complete container freely accessible. Optional features include direct cooling or special mixing arms configured according to customer specifications on request.


GPM Info Sheet


Made in Germany

  • Compact design
  • Easy cleaning
  • Complete container freely accessible
  • Sophisticated technology, easy to maintain and easy to use
  • Modern touch-screen control with graphically guided operation and programming
  • Storage memory for 99 programs, with freely programmable parameters
  • Vacuum in continuous or interval operation
  • Working periods with rotary and pause intervals
  • Freely selectable tilting angle
  • Selectable direction of rotation
  • Infinitely variable arm speed
  • Massage arm with scraper
  • High loading capacity
  • Electrical cover operation (from GPM 300K)


  • Direct cooling
  • Mixing arm
  • Integrated feed-in system from GPM 300K
  • Special mixing arms to customer’s specification (on request)


Service & Maintenance