Gunther Brine Preparation

Gunther Brine Preparation

Brine, pickle, or marinade preparation is a critical step in the further processing or beef, pork, poultry, and fish. Properly followed steps with brine preparation equipment will help insure the most consistent and high-quality products are produced leading to maximizing of product yields and customer satisfaction. The PreciPak team offers Gunther equipment ranging from small easy to use batch systems to larger complete systems that allow for cooling and/or chilling of brine, pickle, and marinades while including the storing of multiple different recipes in their PLC control center.


All the Gunther equipment is made of high-quality stainless steel. All the mixing and preparation systems are designed and ready for connection to all types of Gunther filter equipment and brine injectors. Each of the pieces of equipment are designed as a circular tank with a dish shaped of cone floor to aid in the complete removal of brine and aiding in the complete cleaning and sanitation of the equipment. Each unit is designed with a turbo mixer on small units to a high shear mixer to keep your liquid recipe moving, and all ingredients in suspension. The medium and large machines are designed with a suction flow system for adding dry and powdered ingredients and spices.

Gunther Turbo Mixing Brine Preparation Tanks


This system uses a powerful stainless-steel centrifugal pump creating the Venturi effect or principle to insure the consistent and proper mixing and blending of dry ingredients to a liquid solution. Optional equipment available include cooling jacket or double wall with insulation. Customers can select a rotary piston pump for running highly viscous brines.

Additional Options

Additional options for the mid to large systems include automatic water flow meter, pneumatic valve control system for the filling of external equipment like storage tanks and brine filtration machinery, and load cells. These systems also offer a simple touch screen recipe management PLC to aid both the operator, quality assurance team, and the company.